What Causes Car Crashes in Albuquerque?

Car crashes in Albuquerque can have devastating consequences and are unfortunately a common occurrence in the city. The aftermath can be difficult to handle, but The Dinelli Law Firm is here to help car crash victims navigate the legal process and get the financial compensation they deserve.

Causes of Car Crashes in Albuquerque

There are many factors that contribute to car crashes in Albuquerque. One of the leading causes of car crashes in Albuquerque, and the nation, is distracted driving. This can include actions such as using a cell phone, eating, talking to passengers, or drowsy driving. Speeding and drunk driving are also other factors that cause accidents. Reckless driving is another common cause of accidents. This is different from distracted driving and can include actions such as tailgating, cutting people off, failing to yield right-of-way, and running red lights. Other reckless actions can include unsafe land changes, improper turns, and backing up incorrectly.

In addition to these human factors, weather conditions and road conditions can also contribute to car crashes. For example, rain, snow, and ice can make roads slippery and difficult to drive on. Potholes and other road defects can also cause drivers to lose control of their vehicles.

Why Get A Car Accident Attorney
Hiring a car accident attorney can be beneficial for a number of reasons. First, an attorney can help you understand your legal rights and options after a car accident. This can be important because car accident laws vary from state to state, and it can be difficult to navigate the legal system on your own.

A car accident attorney in Albuquerque can also help you negotiate with the insurance companies. Insurance companies are often reluctant to pay out claims, and they may try to lowball you on a settlement offer. An experienced attorney from The Dinelli Law Firm can help you get the compensation you deserve. Our team can also represent you in court if necessary. If you are unable to reach a settlement with the insurance company, you may need to file a lawsuit. An attorney can help you prepare your case and represent you in court.

Getting into a car crash in Albuquerque can result in serious health and financial consequences. The Dinelli Law Firm is experienced in representing the victims of car accidents and can help you get the compensation and justice you deserve. Get help for your case and call us at (505) 582-2157 to get started.