Albuquerque’s Most Dangerous Intersections & How to Stay Safe

Intersections—where drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists meet, traveling in four different directions and all at different speeds. There are plenty of lights, signals, signs, arrows, lanes, and more to guide everyone in safely crossing, but still, intersections remain among the most dangerous places on our Albuquerque roadways and one of the most common areas for accidents and fatalities to occur. Data … Read More

Safely Celebrate 2020

The start of a new year is surely a reason to celebrate! However, it’s also a time when many choose to drink and drive. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, over the past five years, an average of 300 people have died in drunk driving crashes the week leading up to New Year’s Eve. Before popping a few too … Read More

Tips to Avoid Merging Accidents in Albuquerque

Whether it’s on or off the highway or a busy street, merging into traffic is scary for many of us because it can be so dangerous! Especially when done inconsiderately, merging can often provoke road rage in high traffic areas, leading to motorists making errors in judgment that cause serious accidents. Refresh your knowledge on merging into traffic with these … Read More

How to Deal with Road Rage

Road rage has become a prevalent problem in Albuquerque, with several troubling incidents making their way to the news in recent years. Road rage can range from the minor to the extreme, and include yelling, speeding, cursing, cutting someone off, tailgating, and rude hand gestures. These actions are often typically met with equal or greater consequences. Almost everyone has been … Read More

The Dangers of Drowsy Driving

When we think of the risks of driving, we think of driving under the influence or distracted driving—but no one thinks of the dangers of driving drowsy. Did you know that the effects of being drowsy or fatigued can be just as detrimental while driving as being under the influence of either drugs or alcohol? The National Safety Council states … Read More

3 Ways to Prevent Trucking Accidents

Semi-trucks are vital for delivering goods to our homes, stores, and much more; without these trucks, we wouldn’t be able to transport as much as we do in such high volumes and short periods of time. Unfortunately, this requires large trucks that weigh thousands of pounds to occupy the same Albuquerque streets and freeways that we use everyday. We’re all … Read More

What Exactly is Distracted Driving?

Distracted driving has become an increasing problem in the United States. The CDC states that approximately 9 people are killed and many more are injured every day due to some form of distracted driving. When we think of distracted driving, our first thought goes to texting and talking on the phone — but there are so many other forms of … Read More

Three Essential Questions to Ask Your DUI Attorney

While the numbers of drunk driving related car accidents have been decreasing nationally as a whole, the number of fatalities is still in the thousands, with thousands more still getting behind the wheel while under the influence. If you have been in an accident and you suspect that the driver was intoxicated, your first step should be to call the … Read More

Injured by a Distracted Driver? Why You Need an Attorney

It may sound like common sense but it bears repeating: driving while texting is incredibly dangerous. Unfortunately, most people tend to underestimate the risks that are involved. According to the NHTSA, approximately 3,450 people were killed in 2016 by distracted driving accidents. Texting or reading text messages requires you to take your eyes off the road, and it only takes … Read More

Common Mistakes That Can Jeopardize Personal Injury Claim After a DUI Accident

Whether you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident or hurt in a car accident, you’re likely facing expensive medical bills or having to take time off work. The good news is that you can file a compensation claim to help you pay those accident-related expenses and recover lost wages. However, a number of car insurance companies are often reluctant to … Read More