motorcycle accident

Motorcyclists are in a unique position on the road; although they enjoy the freedom and thrill of riding a motorcycle, they are also exposed to many dangers and factors that are not met by other drivers. Motorcycle accidents are amongst some of the most fatal, and commonly result in serious injury or death. With many contributing elements such as specific motorcycle aspects and risks, an accident involving a motorcycle often leads to a case that is extremely detailed and complex. Have you been involved in a motorcycle accident? With so many details and specificities to consider, choosing experienced and knowledgeable representation is critical. The motorcycle accident attorneys at The Dinelli Law Firm have successfully assessed and litigated numerous motorcycle accident cases based on one guiding principle: to hold the responsible party accountable. If you’re ready to seek justice, count on The Dinelli Law Firm in Albuquerque to fight for you!

Unique Motorcycle Factors

Motorcycles are sleek, agile, and made to easily maneuver and have high performance capabilities. While these make for an exhilarating ride, they also make for some of the great dangers of riding a motorcycle. When on the road, drivers are already distracted by so many things and rarely anticipate a motorcycle. Being small and much less visible than a standard vehicle, motorcycles are much harder to see and are often lost in the array of cars, making it easy for drivers to fail to notice when they’re approaching. Motorcycles are also far less stable than a standard vehicle and because of this, are more susceptible to serious injury or death because they lack the protection of that of an enclosed vehicle.

Road Risks for Motorcyclists

There are a variety of factors to consider that may have caused or contributed to a motorcycle accident.

Failure to Recognize: As previously stated, because motorcycles are smaller, they are not easily identifiable. They are likely to be obscured by other vehicles and road or weather conditions. This is most commonly an issue at intersections, accounting for 70% of motorcycle / vehicle collisions.

Road Hazards: For a majority of drivers, a mere bump in the road is paid little attention to. However, for motorcyclists, faults in the road are major hazards and can cause an accident. These include but are not limited to potholes, debris, ruts, uneven pavement, puddles, oil slicks, etc.

Wobble Accidents: Misalignment in the front or rear tires of a motorcycle can cause it to wobble or become unstable, especially when traveling at high speeds. An accident resulting from speed wobbles may mean the manufacturer is at fault and could potentially be held responsible for damages, injuries, and other financial matters.

Riding Incompetence: Motorcycles are more complex and complicated to operate than a standard vehicle and require more skill, physical ability, and coordination. A rider who is inexperienced or lacks the necessary skills can be held responsible for an accident due to their unfamiliarity.

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