dog bearing teeth

Not all domestic animals are the same. Though we may have grown up with pets or have some of our own now, how they act and react to situations can differ from what we’re familiar with. Afterall, they are animals, and sometimes primitive instincts can take over.

If someone is bitten or attacked by an animal, serious injury or infection can occur, resulting in medical treatment, time off of work, and expensive prescriptions. The Dinelli Law Firm recognizes the effects this can have on your life and livelihood, which is why we’ve dedicated ourselves to helping you seek justice. If you’ve been injured by a dog bite or animal attack, turn to Albuquerque’s expert personal injury attorneys—Dinelli Law Firm!

Animal Behavior, Human Negligence

Even the most well-behaved domestic animals can go rogue, acting out-of-line and contrary to their usual behavior. Though the harmful actions are committed by the animal, responsibility often defaults to their human handlers, and like most areas of personal injury law, is considered an act of negligence.

New Mexico One Bite Law

New Mexico law allows pet owners to argue that they are not liable for their domestic animal biting or attacking someone because they were not aware of their aggressive tendencies. If they are aware, however, the victim can make their case by prompting the “one bite” rule, stating that the owner knew of a previous incident in which the animal committed “one bite” towards another person. However, a prior bite is not required to convict a negligent owner if evidence exists that the animal had acted aggressively before, and that the owner knew or should have known of their behavior.

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