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Albuquerque Car Accident Lawyers

Road mishaps do happen, but a crash caused by the negligence of someone deliberately choosing to drive drunk or distracted is no accident. Drunk and distracted driving are evident problems in Albuquerque, both causing catastrophic damages, injuries, and in many instances, death. These cases entail many complicated factors, restrictions, and deadlines, so to ensure those responsible are held accountable and you’re awarded proper compensation, it’s crucial to select the right representation. The Dinelli Law Firm is comprised of a team of knowledgeable and experienced lawyers who are dedicated to helping New Mexicans seek justice. If you’ve suffered at the hands of a negligent driver, you deserve superior representation and rightful compensation; turn to The Dinelli Law Firm to get it.

Drunk Driving

While drunk driving is a serious offense with serious ramifications, many still choose to do it. It’s no secret that in New Mexico, this is an obvious problem, accounting for 40% of crashes where someone is killed. Occurring at high speeds and often head-on, these crashes commonly end in life-changing injuries or a heartbroken family, mourning the loss of a loved one. Whether you’ve been injured in an alcohol-related accident or are wanting justice for a lost family member, The Dinelli Law Firm is committed to ensuring that drunk drivers are held fully responsible for any harm caused.

Distracted Driving

Each time we get behind the wheel we make the decision to be a safe and cautious driver, and although we expect others to do the same, many times they don’t – making distracted driving a serious problem amongst New Mexican drivers. Although texting and driving is the most common type of distracted driving, there are a variety of instances that distract a driver’s eyes and mind from the road: eating, drinking, applying makeup, tending to children in the back seat, reaching for something on the floor, and many more. The Dinelli Law Firm has successfully evaluated and litigated distracted driving cases, awarding our clients with their deserved and rightful compensation.

Expert, Trusted Attorneys in New Mexico

With drivers more distracted than ever, if you’re on the road, you’re at risk! The attorneys at The Dinelli Law Firm in Albuquerque understand the dangers and lasting effects drunk or distracted driving can have on a victim or their family, so we make sure you get the compensation you need to recover, heal, and move on. With extensive experience, we assess each car accident case, determine damages and the necessary evidence, then, with a devotion to justice, we present the facts and aggressively fight for you!

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