wrecked semi truck

While any accident is traumatic, an accident involving a semi-truck is overwhelming and are oftentimes catastrophic or deadly because of their weight, size, and carried cargo. With an increase in traffic and congestion on the road and two major interstates, I-15 and I-40, intersecting at its core, Albuquerque is easily a vulnerable area for trucking accidents. If you’ve been involved in a collision with a big rig, navigating through a case alone may be challenging. To ensure you’re given rightful compensation to recover from the serious injuries and damages received, you need representation that is knowledgeable, dedicated, and has experience in successfully litigating trucking accident cases. At The Dinelli Law Firm, we aggressively fight for you to ensure you’re awarded the compensation and justice you deserve!

Special Considerations in Trucking Accident Cases

There are significant differences between a semi-truck and standard vehicle that may be to blame for the cause of a collision.

Truck Factors – The average weight of a semi is around 25 times that of a typical vehicle, with their size normally being 8.5 feet wide and 53 feet long, but often varies due to the number of wheels and how many trailers it is pulling. Materials they carry can impact how well it drives, at what speed, and can pose a bigger threat if they are exposed by being hauled in an open trailer.

Jackknifing – In wet or slippery conditions, the back wheels of a trailer may lock up. As the front wheels continue to move forward, the trailer becomes unstable and swings out to the side, resembling the acute angle of a pocket knife, and may cause chaos and danger on the road.

Turning Accidents – Because the body of a semi is so long, they often require using an inside lane or two lanes when making a turn. Many drivers on the road are unaware of this and can become caught in between the truck and a median or crushed in their vehicle, which may result in the driver being held responsible.

Proving Your Case

In the majority of truck accident cases, liability falls under negligence. Being that a collision can result in significant injuries, medical treatments and services can be expensive and therefore, it is important to identify as many defendants as possible beyond just the driver. The Dinelli Law Firm researches and purposefully constructs a case so that trucking companies, contractors, employers, and insurance companies may be obligated to pay compensation for injuries suffered. We dedicate the time, attention, and care your case needs to make sure you’re given all you need to recover from the immense effects of a semi-truck collision.

Are you ready to take action? With The Dinelli Law Firm, you can have confidence knowing that we’ll hold the responsible party accountable for your financial losses, injuries, and emotions suffered. You deserve the compensation you need to find closure and heal. Call (505) 582-2157 today and let our expertise work for you!