Tips for a Safe Summer Road Trip

How Do You Have a Safe Summer Road Trip?

Summer is the perfect time to get away from it all. The road trip is a classic vacation option that everyone can plan and enjoy. However, being on the road means risking car accidents due to drunk or distracted driving. While you can’t control the actions of drivers around you, you can make your travels as safe as possible by planning ahead.

Verify Your Route With a Couple of Sources

A common mistake is relying on one source, such as online maps, to plan your route. A good method is to use online maps and then look up paper maps to verify that some of the lesser-known roads exist. A common issue with online maps and navigation systems is that they have outdated or even incorrect information that can lead you down closed roads. Another issue is that some GPS and online maps choose a “best route” based on time and distance, but not necessarily the safest route. This could cause you to end up driving on hazardous roads that supposedly save you 20 miles instead of the wider and better-lit interstate that would be a faster and easier drive.

Limit Per-Day Driving 

You don’t want to encounter a distracted or tired driver on the road, and you certainly don’t want to be that distracted driver yourself. Common advice about road trips is to limit driving to no more than six to eight hours per day. Try for no more than six or less to give yourself plenty of time each day to rest. Being on the road for a long time, even if you’re awake, can create a hypnotic environment which could lead to potential hazards or a serious crash.

Take a Break During Sunrise and Sunset

If you’re traveling west, try to get off the road in the late afternoon. If you’re traveling east, try not to drive early in the morning. Having the sun in your eyes could cause unsafe driving conditions, especially on unfamiliar roads.

If you’re driving through New Mexico and get into an accident, first call emergency services, then contact the vehicle accident attorneys you can trust. We can help you navigate the post-accident process and work to get you the compensation you deserve. No one wants their road trip interrupted by an accident, but if you end up in that situation, call The Dinelli Law Firm for assistance.