Three Alternatives to Driving Home Drunk

Unfortunately, drunk driving accidents are all too common in Albuquerque and throughout the United States. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, approximately 29 people die everyday from auto accidents involving a drunk driver. As a car accident attorney, we see many drunk driving accidents that result when people incorrectly assume they are sober enough to drive home safely. If you are thinking about driving home after having a few drinks—don’t. There are plenty of options when it comes to finding a way home, and all of them better than risking arrest, fines, injury to yourself and other innocent people, and even death. Here are some of the best alternative ways to get home when you’re intoxicated.

Rideshare Services

One of the best, more recent innovations that can prevent drunk driving is the rideshare app. Rideshare services such as Lyft, Uber, Sidecar, and more have completely changed the world of transportation, by allowing you to easily request someone to pick you up within minutes. Rideshare services provide a comfortable ride home with a sober driver for a fairly decent price. Many rideshare services are now offering carpooling options to make rides even cheaper, and they often offer free or discounted rides for your first use.

Public Transportation

If you have a light rail, train, or bus line in your area, this is another easy and affordable way to get home if you’re intoxicated. If you’re going out to a party, look up the public transit schedule and make plans on how to get home before you go. Many cities now make their public transit schedules available on an app for your convenience. Although it usually takes a bit longer to get home on public transit than it would driving, you’ll stay safe and save money.

Designated Driver

If you’re going out somewhere where there isn’t the option of a rideshare or public transit, or you prefer to not to use those services, then you can always opt for the traditional designated driver plan. Your designated driver needs to abstain from drinking throughout the night and be responsible for getting everyone home safely. This person can be a friend, family member, or even a spouse who is either staying at home or choosing not to drink when out others.

While these options are common knowledge, people throughout the United States are still driving drunk over 300,000 times a day. That is a staggering number that shouldn’t exist given the amount of options available for getting home. At the Dinelli Law Firm in Albuquerque, we believe strongly in advocating against drunk driving because we’ve witnessed firsthand the devastating effects that a serious car accident can cause. If you’ve been injured in an auto accident because of a negligent drunk driver, don’t let them get away with damaging your life. Contact us today for a free initial consultation and get started on the path to recovery.