The Basis of Car Accidents: Negligence

Car accidents are a common occurrence on our roads, causing injuries and claiming lives—

when determining who is legally responsible for a crash, one question is asked: did the accused party act negligently, or did they act with reasonable care?

Negligence in car accidents refers to careless conduct by drivers that result in physical or emotional harm to other motorists and pedestrians. The Dinelli Law Firm will help prove that the negligent party was driving without regard for others on the road. This can sometimes require a deep examination of camera footage, the car crash site, and other analyses before a verdict is reached. There are several signs that a driver was negligent in a crash.

Failure to be Vigilant 

A failure to be vigilant refers to driving while intoxicated, using a cell phone while driving, driving while tired, or driving under other impairments. Drivers should maintain a reasonable level of alertness in order to handle any unexpected occurrences on the road. Failure to do this makes the driver responsible for any damages.

Failure to Obey Traffic Laws

Traffic laws are in place to prevent crashes, but sometimes drivers choose to ignore them. By choosing not to follow these guidelines, a driver can cause an accident. The Dinelli Law Firm can help you receive compensation for injuries and property damages caused by the negligent party.

Failure to Use Signals

Signaling is important to the safety of everyone on the road, as it allows others to anticipate the actions of other drivers. Some examples of not properly signaling include failure to dim lights at night, not signaling when turning, failure to engage the hazard lights if a car breaks down, driving with broken brake lights, and so forth. Once negligence is proven, the injured party will receive compensation from the negligent party for any damages which may include costs such as lost wages, medical bills, and property damage.

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