One of the Top Causes of Accidents: Text-Driving

For as long as text messaging has been around, drivers have been texting while driving. With more and more drivers getting into accidents because they are texting or reading text messages, it’s never been more critical to ensure that your attention is on the road rather than on that little screen.

Distracted driving is bad driving
Whether drivers are distracted by music, children, a pet, or a mobile phone, driving without giving full attention to the road has been a problem as long as people have been driving. But this problem is only getting worse now that there are so many different new distractions at our fingertips, from social media to chat groups to messaging apps and services.

No matter what is pulling your attention away from the road, it’s vital that you concentrate when you are driving. Even if you’re not in the habit of checking your phone while you drive, you need to be vigilant of those around you who may think they can text and drive with no problem.

Put the phone away
While you may feel like your phone must be with you at all times, in fact it is safer to put your phone away where you can’t see it — out of sight, out of mind. Keep it in the trunk of the car, in the glove compartment, or safely stowed in a bag. Or, if you must have it near you so you can play your music or use the GPS, put it on “do not disturb” or airplane mode, so you are not tempted to pick it up and answer a text or a call.

The vast majority of those caught texting, checking their phone, or using apps while driving are not doing something essential at that moment — and it’s in these situations that serious accidents can happen, resulting in damage, injury, and even loss of life. If you’re tempted to pick up your phone while you’re behind the wheel, ask yourself — can it wait? And if the answer is “no,” then pull over!

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