Motorcycle Accident? Here’s What You Need to Know

Getting into a motorcycle accident is a genuinely terrifying ordeal, and no wonder – not only are they deadlier than car accidents, but they are also significantly more costly. While none of us plan on having an accident, it can and does happen. If you’re a motorcyclist and should find yourself involved in a crash, keep these 5 things in mind.

1. In the moments directly following the accident, assess yourself for injuries
The shock following a collision can leave us reeling and light-headed, and we may move carelessly or without thinking about the possibility of injury. Before moving, assess yourself for any injuries or bodily harm. If you can stand, examine yourself once more before attending to other victims of the accident.

2. Leave your helmet on
Do not take off your motorcycle helmet until help arrives at the scene of the accident. Removing your helmet could potentially aggravate injuries, such as a neck fracture. However, some instances, such as the performance of CPR on an individual requires the removal of the helmet. Use your best judgement.

3. Motorcycle crashes aren’t usually the fault of the motorcyclist
Contrary to popular belief, it’s usually the driver of the car who is at fault in an accident between a car and a motorcycle. While there may be a tendency to perceive motorcyclists as risk-takers and therefore more likely to perform unsafe maneuvers, 80% of motorcycle accidents are actually caused by car drivers.

4. Do not contact your insurance agent before getting medically examined
Contacting your insurance agent before a thorough medical evaluation and examination can result in an underestimation of damages. You should absolutely be examined by a medical professional in order to know what adequate compensation for your accident should be.

5. Contact an Albuquerque motorcycle accident attorney
Attorneys who specialize in car and motorcycle accidents are the best ones to help you through your motorcycle accident. They know exactly how to help you, especially if you suffered serious injuries or if you are being wrongfully accused of the causing the accident.

It’s important to keep on hand the phone number of an attorney that you can trust in case you are in a motorcycle accident. At the Dinelli Law Firm, we are completely committed to helping you with even your most complex legal matters. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst, and contact us if you find yourself the victim of an Albuquerque motor vehicle accident.