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All it takes is a second for your life to be changed forever. A drunk driver who misses the red light. A distracted driver texting who doesn’t see the cars stopped ahead of them. In an instant, you or a loved one can be seriously injured, your car totaled, and your life shaped by someone’s negligent choices.

At The Dinelli Law Firm, we understand how big of an impact a serious car accident can have on your life. From mounting medical bills and car repairs to emotional trauma and distress, the aftermath of a collision can extend long after the pieces have been picked up. As a trusted Farmington accident attorney, we’ve made it our duty to stand up for victims and help them fight to get the compensation they deserve. If you’ve been injured in an accident, schedule a free, no obligation consultation with The Dinelli Law Firm today.

New Mexico’s Sobering Accident Statistics

According to the New Mexico Department of Transportation, Farmington residents experienced a total of 1,403 car accidents in 2019, amounting to 31.6 crashes per 1,000 residents. Statewide, there were a total of over two million car accidents in 2019 alone. Worse still, Farmington was one of three cities in the state with the highest alcohol-involved crash rates. With such serious statistics, our law firm has made it our mission to provide experienced, compassionate representation to help victims recoup lost wages, manage the stresses of dealing with insurance, seek damages from the responsible party, and so much more. We’ll walk you through every step of the process, ensuring you feel comfortable, confident, and cared for by our team.

Types of Accidents

Accidents can range in their severity and size, but regardless of the reason or outcome, you can count on The Dinelli Law Firm to stand for you.

Car Accidents
From fender benders with the uninsured to severe and fatal collisions, dozens of auto accidents occur daily.

Trucking Accidents
Semi-truck accidents can be catastrophic, and trying to identify who is responsible can be difficult.

Motorcycle Accidents
With a lack of protection and weight compared to a truck or even sedan, motorcyclists often face serious injuries.

Bicycling & Pedestrian Accidents
Bicyclists and pedestrians have rights to the road too, unfortunately many drivers ignore those rights.

And what’s causing these accidents? Throughout New Mexico, driver inattention accounted for 19.3% of crashes, and alcohol/drug usage accounted for 53.4% of crash-related fatalities (UNM-GPS and TRU 2021).

The Dinelli Law Firm has represented dozens of victims of distracted driving and drunk driving accident cases, and has the background to fight for you. If you’re ready to speak with us, we encourage you to reach out by calling 505-582-2157 or scheduling your free consultation today.


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